After Alka, more women speak up about their abuse

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A day after Alka Lembi, spoke about how she was subjected to dowry harassment in Delhi assembly, more women have shown courage and came up with their stories. The other day, Delhi assembly was just like any other Crime Against Women cell where Lembi was seen squatting on the floor recalling her horrifying experience when she was forced to drive her abusive hubby out of his own home and also had to keep their son away from his dad.

As the news about her sharing spread, more women started opening up about their woes. And interestingly, most of these women were holding high positions of power. Yet, they got harassed, justifying the claim of feminists that a woman is always vulnerable whether poor or rich, powerless or affluent.

Manika Gandi, who literally heads the institute of feminism in India shared one of her horrifying experiences. She happened to meet a sex offender. “I was in Mumbai to attend a seminar on empowering women who are already employed and earning decent. I checked into the hotel and the receptionist gave me a pre-filled form where I was just supposed to add personal details like address, telephone number etc. I was shocked to see apart from my name and photo, the gender field was marked as “Male”. When I objected, they corrected it.” On being quizzed, who was the sex offender here, Gandi was quick to reply, “Ofcourse, the man at the reception. He offended my sex.”

An equally horrifying incident was shared by Kavita Krishmam who heads the All India Deprived Women’s Association. “I am routinely ignored in proms. All the hot girls get boys, but no boy looks at me, some even refuse straight on face.” Being away from the often undesired male attention, it seemed like a blessing in disguise, to which Kavita was quick to rebuff that, “How can you be so insensitive, every time a guy rejects/ignore me, they remind me that I am ugly looking”.

And it was not only women who were emboldened by Alka Lembi’s stance. There were some men as well who came forward and spoke. It was a surprise initially as it was difficult to fathom how a man could be harassed in a patriarchal society. However, deeper analysis revealed that many of these men had woman like characteristics and thus were equally vulnerable and thus even their admissions were considered valid.

And the most forthcoming admission came from an upcoming politician, Arrewind Khujliwal. He said, “Every time I wear muffler, my wife taunts me saying my weather forecast is more apt than weather department. As a result my concentration is weakening and I am not able to fulfil many of the election promises I made. Now, people are calling me seasoned politician. Most people don’t know, I hugged a very corrupt politician in Bihar as I had forgotten my muffler at home and was feeling cold but people made an agenda out of it and defamed me attacking my principles. It’s very tough to work.”

Na-Real Times salutes Alka Lembi for proving to the world that patriarchy exists and even the most powerful women can be victimized.

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