Collegium wins over NJAC

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MyLords an organization of patriarchal misogynistic men who staunchly believe in suppressing their women started facing a lot of criticism in the rising face of feminism.

Misogynistic Young Lords, is what MyLords stands for, as its founding member Furham Iftar claims it. Claims Furham, “Women are very smart and superior to men but since it is a male dominated society, so it becomes imperative that women be suppressed and thus we started this unique initiative of MyLords which sensitizes women to make sandwiches in the kitchen and not feel oppressed for the same.”

However, Savita Krishmam, a self-proclaimed young and beautiful women’s rights activist had strong objections to Furham’s stands. She said, “How dare he ask women not to feel oppressed. It’s an insult to womanhood. I don’t mind whether they make sandwiches or hamburgers inside the kitchen, but nobody, and I repeat, nobody can take away the right of feeling oppressed from women.”

On being quizzed about her next move against Furham’s MyLords, she said, she will start #NudeKitchen movement in which women will be encouraged to enter the kitchen without clothes and feel empowered while they make sandwiches and named her move as SlutCook.

As the #NudeKitchen movement gained momentum, Furham’s MyLords were under attack and started quitting the movement, leaving the cause in doldrums.

A hurried Furham then launched a more powerful attack to empower the cause of MyLords. He started a new movement called “Naach Joru Aur Chinaal (NJAC)”. His claim was that with this innovative idea, it would bring accountability in women and the idea of male supremacy would be restored.

NJAC would supersede the existing Collegium of women headed by retired housewives who would decide the bride for a man who wanted to get married. Furham’s idea was to replace the collegium by NJAC so that the best dancing woman (Chinaal) can become the wife of a man and this would further ensure that male supremacy continues otherwise it would not be a male dominated world given the fact that women are smarter than men.

Amid protests, a referendum was ordered in which Collegium won over NJAC by a huge margin and finally Furham had to taste defeat. Savita ensured that women continue to remain smarter than men.

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