Ex NCW Chiefs rally to oppose move to promote NCW status to court

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Minister for Women and Child Development, Mrs. Manika Gandi never imagined that her move to promote the National Commission for Women (NCW) to the status of a civil court shall attract opposition from none other than a section of feminists – a self-proclaimed group that calls itself advocates of women’s rights.

In a bizarre move, all the ex-NCW chiefs have come together and are rallying against the minister after she announced that her ministry has plans to promote the NCW to a civil court’s status.

They have formed a group called XCW and are holding rallies in every city and town in order to sensitize people and create awareness amongst people against this allegedly bizarre move by the WCD minister.

When asked for her reaction, Mrs. Manika retorted, “This is the exactly the reason I want to give NCW a court’s status. Women are just so dumb; they always attack their own protectors. I just want the women to be protected and that’s why I am working to elevate NCW. But look at what XCW is up to. They have also petitioned the Prime Minister asking for my resignation. This is ridiculous. But they won’t be able to cow me down. I know what I am doing it and I don’t need the certification of these dumb females from XCWs”

Representing the XCW, Jamta Sharma was confident that they would succeed in stalling the development. She said, “You see this is so ridiculous. Already we are being tagged as “male haters” by a bunch of losers who call themselves as men’s rights activists. And now if we are given so much open powers to harass a man, would any man have faith in us?”

Jamta continued, “Now, that we appear slightly balanced, some unsuspecting men do walk in with complaints against their wives. But with this move, do you think any man would ever approach us with his concerns? I mean, imagine the condition of those women who work for NCW. They would never get to see any new man except for their male colleagues with whom they might already be bored with and fed up? Don’t you think our women deserve better?”

Even the men’s rights activists are surprised at this stance. Men’s Rights Champion Ashant Sharma’s surprise knew no bounds, “What? How can this happen? Well, I am not surprised, where there are women, anything can happen. When a rape can happen in a moving car, what else to say? I can’t even kiss a woman when the car’s moving.”

Men’s Right Coordinator Purohit Girdhar, though surprised, was trying to understand the XCW’s move. “You see, inherently, women are jealous of each other. I think the XCWs are thinking that why should future NCW chiefs enjoy the privileges of a judge when they themselves were mere chairpersons. Whatever it is, I will support the XCWs for a change.”

With these mixed reactions coming in, we are in a wait-and-watch mode to see where this whole thing leads to.

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