Gay father-in-law puts man in a devil-vs-deep sea situation

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A case of a marriage gone wrong rocked the mediation center when bizarre and obnoxious realties came to fore in the case. A wife who alleged dowry harassment against her husband and in-laws and sexual allegations against her father-in-law was least expecting the case to turn completely against her.

Kaamayeeni, was left with no other option in a male dominated patriarchal world but to file a dowry harassment case on her husband and in-laws when they discovered about her multiple extra-marital affairs. Shantram, the husband, was also not willing to give money to her father for his business failures.

Hence, Kaamayeeni, moved the court saying her husband wasn’t doing ‘enough’ to satisfy her and she was mentally and physically harassed by him. Based on a very cogent suggestion by her lawyer Keematchand, she also added allegation that her father-in-law molested her.

The court, realizing that a marriage may break down, sent the matter to mediation. Shantram was determined that he will not co-operate with his wife and flatly refused to go to the mediation center.

Shantram recalled his best friend Dukhchand’s ordeal in the mediation center who was also slapped with a domestic violence case as Dukhchand refused to bathe the pet dog of his own wife and when that case was sent to mediation, the mediator had made Dukhchand bathe his wife’s dog before proceeding with mediation.

Coming back to Shantram’s case, the case was sent to mediation much against his wish. However, when the mediation started, both Kamaayeeni and Keematchand, along with the mediator Sahukar were in for a shock when Shantram revealed that the actual reason for the marriage breaking was his father-in-law’s jealousy towards his own daughter.

Shantram said that his father-in-law was a gay and could not tolerate the fact that his daughter managed to get such a good man and he could not get it in his lifetime.

Kamayeeni had to mince her own words and asked for a next date embarrassed by her father’s actions. Shantram was happy that he could manage the first mediation well, however, deep inside he was tense that if his wife comes back due to the efforts of Sahukar then he would have to tolerate her abuse and also the advances of his gay father-in-law and if it is a separation, he might be asked to pay a hefty alimony.

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