Is Romedy Raat with Apple KaamDev (RRWAK) creating an Institutional crisis?

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This is unprecedented which never happened in the history of demo-critic India. I bet Dr.Ummeedkar who was instrumental in shaping the Institution of India would never imagined that a TV show hosted by Apple KaamDev would create crisis in the Institution of India. “Romedy Raat with Apple KaamDev” (RRWAK)   TV show, which became instant hit among all the TV channels, and started destroying the popularity of other TV programs hosted by very famous feminist like Ammee BachanUumir Khan.  Feminist in India realized very lately that if this program (RRWAK) surpasses TRPs of programs hosted by Feminists, then this might degrade highly influencing factors of Women Empowerment syndrome.

All the NGOs held a secret meeting with NCW, National Commission of Wives to discuss a strategy to counter growing popularity of RRWAK and to safe guard the relevance of Feminist supporters. And after a deep tablestorming (since they misplaced their brains), NCW came out with an approach to take legal course of action against RRWAK. A special team of legal experts was constituted by NCW chairwomen Smt. Mango KaamDev as its head.

Now here is the crisis surfaced, when 3 of the special team members who happen to be eminent lawyers got into the huge disagreements among themselves.  Members’ contention is related to which law should be evoked or used against Apple KaamDev.

One member of the special team Smt. Domestic Valentine suggested that a case under the following sections of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 can be initiated against Apple KaamDev:

Sec. 17. Right to reside in a shared household & Sec. 19. Residence orders: At every appearance of Kumona Chukravarti, wife of Apple KaamDev, she was provoked to leave the matrimonial house and was not allowed to talk to the guests.

Sec.18. Protection orders. — On every occasion, Kumona Chukravarti was taunted and was compared with inferior “bakri” which at least gives milk and she does not. She was not allowed to speak and raise her voice and her free speech and expression is suppressed by her husband Mrs. Apple KaamDev who taunts her wide mouth and larger than life lips.

Second member of the special team Mrs.Kaam Chor argued that Prevention of Sexual Assault at Workplace Act, 2013 should be utilized to teach a lesson to Apple KaamDev. She is of the opinion that RRWAK is a TV show under a production company K69, and a strong case is made out against the management of K69. She contended that by invoking this law, not only crime against Biwi, Dadi, Bua, and Palak but also crime against other various women characters and women guest who visit to promote their new releases can be prosecuted.

Third member of the special team Smt.Xual Assault opine that Sexual Assault case under new Rape Law (Nirbhaya Act) should be used against RRWAK’s host. She vehemently justified her stand stating that Apple KaamDev misbehaves with women on the stage. Since the stage is wide open right in-front of the black top road facing the public audience and any offence against women on the road or street will fall under the new Rape law. She validates that this law can be evoked to protect the rights of women audience in the show who are subjected to humiliation when they are invited to ask any questions to their guests on the show.

When these 3 options were placed for final decision, the head of the special team Smt. Mango KaamDev sought opinion from Institutional experts for their guidance and advice.  And based on the expert reviews Smt. Mango KaamDev dropped the idea of taking any legal action against RRWAK. This indecision on the part of Smt. Mango KaamDev, resulted infighting among the team members. This under the wraps activities of NCW came to light in open and the entire News channel aired about secret special team.

When Na-Real times approached K69 Productions, they were elated and thanked NCW for uprising TRP ratings of “Romedy Raat With Apple KaamDev” show on Rangeen TV. All the news channels covered this crisis and the nation wants to know about this unwarranted crisis authored by NCW.

As usual curiosity of our news reporter, when contacted one of the members of the special team constituted by NCW, she made a startling revelation, that Smt. Mango KaamDev colluded with Apple KaamDev and did not recommend to act against K69 productions, only because they both belong to same family name “KaamDev”.

When approached Smt. Mango KaamDev, she refuted all the allegations and cited Institutional experts opinion that any case against K69 Productions will lead to dismissal of the case and will not stand the scrutiny of the courts. On specifics she elaborated that the complexity of the RRWAK TV show was the reason for her decision and referring to Articles under Institution namely Double Jeopardy, Right to Liberty of speech, & expression, stated that if filed may lead to Institutional crisis.

Na-Real times reporter approached Apple KaamDev to enquire about this whole episode on his home productions K69, and he replied in his witty style “NCW Ko Kya Mila Mera Peecha Padke? BABA JI KA TULLU!?”

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