Love Story 2050 – Gender Neutral Society

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Date: 26 Jan 2050

New Delhi: Moolchand Mishra was relaxing in his wooden armchair which operates with a Bluetooth connected to his home wi-fi using IOT technology. Sipping his homemade Sitarbucks coffee, he was reconciling with the feeling of accomplishment for a fight for social change that had begun almost 4 decades back – the fight for Gender Neutral Laws. After the feminists started the movement for Gender Equality and it went overboard, Moolchand had started a counter movement and had asked for Gender Neutral Laws.

And today, as Moolchand relaxed inhaling the intoxicating fumes of Sitarbucks Coffee and recollecting how he had brazened getting blocked on Social media, receiving WhatsApp audio forwards of death-threats via encrypted connections to reach the stage where the laws were truly gender neutral. In fact, such was the situation that the Government of India had passed a law banning all forms of gender based activism as the almost common demand of Gender Equality and Gender Neutrality of the two warring factions of gender war had been achieved. However, Moolchand’s relaxation was shortlived as his phone rang.

(MoolChand Mishra – MM1): Hello!

(Majedaar Mewari – MM2): Is that Moolchand Sir?

MM1: Yeah speaking

MM2: Sir, what is this sir, why did you ask for Gender Neutral Laws, I got screwed because of them.

MM1: I am not sure if I follow you.

MM2: Sir, men are not getting any benefit of gender neutral laws.

MM1: What are you saying? I have done a lot of research in this. I was also the founder of this movement and I knew that Gender Neutral Laws is the only way to solve men’s issues because feminist laws were creating hell for men.

MM2: Sir, what gender neutral laws, what gender neutral laws? What will we do with just laws?

MM1: Means…..

MM2: Means, sir only laws are gender neutral, implementation and execution are not.

MM1: Can you explain?

MM2: Sir, two weeks back my wife called my sister as slut. I could not tolerate it and slapped her. In retaliation she also slapped me. We both fought and went to police station to file complaint and under the new Gender Neutral Laws, police took the complaint from both of us, but arrested me and just scolded my wife. I took bail and came out in one week and then we both filed a complaint of Domestic Violence on each other and asked for interim maintenance from each other.

MM1: See, here you go! Earlier, only wives could do this to men, but now see, you can also slap cases on your wife and ask money.

MM2: That is the problem sir. Judge didn’t pass order in my favor. My complaint was dismissed and I was ordered to pay maintenance to her.

MM1: No, that’s impossible. I have great faith in the system and judiciary. Did you argue your case properly? What was your lawyer doing?

MM2: Sir, no lawyer was ready to fight my case as all lawyers said, they have only been trained to ask maintenance for wives, not for husband, so I fought my case myself.

MM1: And then?

MM2: And then all hell broke loose sir. Judge said, what have you men done? Earlier it was so simple, we used to get one complaint from wife and we had to pass orders against the man. But now, in every case, two complaints come and they are exact replica of each other except for the genders reversed. What am I supposed to do and whom am I supposed to believe? So, we have decided we will still pass orders as per old laws. And how can you say that your wife beats you and don’t you feel ashamed asking maintenance from wife? You are a man and duty bound to maintain your wife. Hence, I am dismissing your complaint and upholding your wife’s complaint.

Moolchand’s Sitarbucks coffee turned into Cold Coffee as he kept on receiving one after other such calls and wondered where he went wrong!

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