Social media giants scurry to hire after rumors of Online Trolling Law

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A day after Union Minister for Women and Children Development Ministry issued a statement that there was a proposal to consider “online trolling of women” as a law, social media giants like PhaseBook and Tuitter have gone into a tizzy apprehending dangerous developments.

In a statement issued by their HR Departments, new positions for software developers and engineers have been rolled out by PhaseBook and Tuitter and they are offering luring packages for the same despite recession going on in IT job market.

Trade analysts have reacted differently to this new development. Says, Tharun Adarsh, a trade analyst who sits with a hawk eye on the stocks of IT giants like PhaseBook and Tuitter, “Looks like the companies have got confused, it’s strange to know this development. Sometimes companies use such news as an excuse for capacity building and later fire the people who are extra, they also show losses, looks like some employment scam is going on.”

Na-Real Times wanted to understand the rationale behind the news and made a lot of efforts to contact Manika Gandhi, the minister for Women and Children Development, and was finally able to do so,

“Ma’am how is online trolling a crime?”

“You see, men are mad about women. It’s not that one men trolls one woman. If that was the case, I had no problem, in fact it would have been an impromptu competition to matrimonial and dating websites. But you see a group of men would troll a single woman and this would actually confuse the woman as to who is paying more attention. Women make blunders under such confusion which ruins their lives, something similar to what violence against women does. So, we thought of making online trolling a crime.”

PhaseBook and Tuitter on the other hand were continuing to hire the best minds. On being probed the reason for hectic hiring, Tuitter Chief Technical Officer, Aadam Messenger said, “Gender champions are very enthusiastic these days, one after another developments are, coming by each day. So, we decided to be prudent. Today, it’s online trolling, tomorrow it will be online stalking and you see, we have features where people can follow each other. Men can follow women. What if, tomorrow, there’s a law that the Follow feature on our websites facilitates stalking of women and we don’t have time to modify it accordingly. So, we thought we will keep the changes ready and as soon as Follow feature is declared crime prone, we will dole out the new changes.”

PhaseBook Chief Product Officer, Erun Megan also thought on similar lines, “See, we don’t encourage people to follow as much as Tuitter does. In fact, initially, we didn’t have the feature. We just followed Tuitter as it was getting more popular. But still, it is possible to follow on PhaseBook which makes it stalking prone technically. If men can follow women, they can also possibly stalk. So, we are working on new changes. If following on social media is declared as a crime, then after that any man who follows a woman on PhaseBook shall be required to login with an OTP which will be delivered on the mobile of the Station House Officer of the nearest police station who will get a unique id per login request. Only, after the police is satisfied, the man would be allowed to login.”

Hailing the views of these social media giants, Social Justice Warrior Trupthi Desigh expressed happiness, “See, I knew, its women who drive the tech industry.”

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