Woman sues online marketplace giant for selling her goods without her permission

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In a shocking development a woman has issued legal notice to online marketplace giant OwLx for posting goods that ‘apparently’ belonged to her for selling, without her permission. Latika, a 28 year old woman has accused OwLx of showing items that belonged to her displaying for sale on their website and she had not uploaded information about those goods.

She has issued them a legal notice asking for explanation, apology and compensation worth Rs. 20 Lakhs for causing mental agony to her.

OwLx, on the other hand, have started an internal inquiry to verify her claims and find out how apparently unverified goods made to their website. Based on the links provided in the legal notice and the pictures and description of the goods given, OwLx was able to trace the user and found that it was a male user.

In order to resolve the controversy, OwLx invited Latika to their office to talk about the issue. During the talks it was revealed that she is married and is living separately from her husband Ghanshyam, due to ‘estranged relationship’. Latika also revealed that all the disputed goods over which the legal notice was issued were her ‘Stridhan’ and gifts received during marriage. Even her marriage saree was there plus some more of her clothes and some cosmetics.

OwLx officials said that the goods were uploaded from an area near Meerut from a user name was Ghanshyam. Upon realizing her plight, OwLx decided to help her and contacted Ghanshyam.

However, Ghanshyam was furious to get a call from OwLx and reprimanded them for calling without verification. Said an angry Ghanshyam over the phone, “How can she claim them to be hers? All these things are bought by my money and she has left me as I caught her red-handed having sex chat with her ex-boyfriend. I told her thousand times to take all the stuff as I need to relocate my house. But she is just harassing me. So, finally I decided to sell all these stuff on your website and instead of doing business, you people have become marriage counselors, this is appalling.”

OwLx officials realized that the matter is complicated and washed their hands off this. They replied to Latika that her claims are unfounded and won’t be entertained unless she gives enough evidences that the goods belong to her.

Frustrated and exasperated, Latika decided to give a call to Ghanshyam but she was disappointed when he did not pick her call and she had to listen to the song “No ullu banaowing” from Idea Network which was set as the caller tune of Ghanshyam.

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