Women bodies slam HC judgment on jail sex; term it chauvinistic

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In a first of its sorts, the Punjab and Haryana High Court passed an order which recognized the right of jail inmates to have sex with their wives. However, the judgment has been slammed by Women bodies that have termed the judgment as “chauvinistic and patriarchal” in nature and have sought to move to the Supreme Court challenging it.

Spearheading the movement, Progressive Union’s Social Yukti (PUSY) Morcha has filed a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court challenging the judgment. They have also filed a complaint against the judge who passed the order citing his ideas as misogynistic in nature and insensitive to a woman’s needs.

Upon being questioned in the problem with the judgment, Mushaqqat Ali, spokesperson PUSY Morcha, minced no words in attacking patriarchal male dominated society, “Patriarchy has always considered women as sex objects. All men are patriarchal, even the criminal ones. So, even if a man commits crime and goes to jail, still he gets the comfort of wife visiting the jail and having sex with him. “

“How different is the scenario for a good man? And what is the distinction between good men and bad men then? Women are goddesses and we must respect their sexual urges. Asking them to visit jail is subjugating to a man’s sexual hunger”, Mushaqqat claimed while slamming the judgment.

While the hearing in Supreme Court is yet to be fixed, meanwhile the protest by PUSY Morcha is gaining ground as social groups are coming forward to support the cause of PUSY and asking for changes in the judgment.

Even a Facebook page has been created for the same by the name of “FK” When contacted, its admin, Jugaad Prabandhak, said, “that instead of burdening women to travel to jail to satiate their sexual needs by their jailed partners, the courts should release the prisoners on Furloughs, so that they can visit their homes, finish the job and come back.”

Jugaad was quick to cite the example of Sunjay Dutt who would be released on Furlough periodically so that he could discharge his social duties. If Sunjay can be allowed to discharge his social duties, why can’t jail inmates discharge their biological duties?”

On being questioned that jail inmates may run away if allowed on Furlough, Jugaad again cited Sunjay Dutt’s example and asked, “Did he run away? Why would others do so? They would all follow their idol and return to jail honestly after finishing the task”.

“It’s in line with the premise of marriage that no matter what the circumstances, the man shall always keep his woman happy”, Prabandhak continued.

On being quizzed about the name of his page being “FK” and if it was inspired by the recent Bollywood flick “PK”, Jugaad was quick to deny any association with the movie and said that “FK” was his original idea.

He said it stood for “Furlough mein Karlough” and said that “mein” is silent reflecting the absence of ego when discharging duties of love.

While, Mushaqqat Ali is hoping for a favorable hearing in the apex court, Jugaad’s Facebook page “Furlough mein Karlough” is gaining popularity and has got 420, 000 likes so far and counting.

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